Marlborough Rivers Overview

An overview of the river systems found in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Acheron River

The Acheron River is a remote Marlborough river that flows south from its headwaters near the Acheron Saddle through Molesworth to its confluence with the Clarence.

Avon River

The Avon River is a tributary of the Waihopai River in Marlborough, with its headwaters near the Avon Saddle.

Awatere River

The Awatere River is one of Marlborough's major rivers to the south of the Wairau.

Branch River

The Branch River is a major tributary of the Wairau. Water diverted from the river is used to run a hydroelectric scheme owned by Trustpower.

Fairhall River

Fairhall River is a small river with its source in the Brancott Valley in Marlborough.

Flaxbourne River

The Flaxbourne River is a small river in the eponymous Flaxbourne district near Ward, reaching the sea at Ward Beach.

Leatham River

The Leatham River is a tributary of the Branch River in the upper Wairau Valley.

Medway River

The Medway River is a tributary of the Awatere in south Marlborough.


Onamalutu is a small valley with a magnificent kahikatea forest remnant. The Onamaulutu domain is a popular picnic area.

Ōpaoa River

The Ōpaoa (Opawa) River is a spring fed river on the Wairau Plain which passes through Blenheim.

Pelorus River

The Pelorus River is one of the three major rivers in the Marlborough region. Pelorus Bridge is a popular reserve and location used in filming The Hobbit.

Taylor River

The Taylor River is one of the iconic features of Blenheim, dividing the town, and providing an extensive recreational reserve.

Tuamarina River

The Tuamarina River is a small tributary of the Wairau that drains the Para wetland.

Tummil River

The Tummil River is a small river in south Marlborough flowing from its source at Lake Alexander into the Avon River.

Waihopai River

The Waihopai River is the largest tributary of the Wairau River in Marlborough, NZ

Waima River

Managed by the Department of Conservation, this area offers some spectacular geological formations, and some of Marlborough's endangered plants.

Wairau River

The Wairau River is Marlborough's largest river at 170km in length, and drains an area of 2600 square kilometres.

Wakamarina River

The Wakamarina is a tributary of the Pelorus River with its confluence at Canvastown. Significant amounts of gold were found in the river in 1864

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