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Acceptable Use

You may access free of charge any public content provided on Marlborough Online, for your own personal use, provided that you do not perform any of the prohibited activites listed below.

You may quote up to 10% of any individual document on Marlborough Online for non-commercial purposes including review and academic research, provided that you include references in your work to Marlborough Online. If your work is to be published online, you must provide a link to Marlborough Online.


You may link to any page on Marlborough Online, with the exception of feedback forms, subject to the following requirements.

You may not attempt to obscure the identity of Marlborough Online as an independant web site through the use of frames, substitution of graphics or any other activity likely to be misleading as to the nature of the site.

You may not link to Marlborough Online using links that include profanity or would otherwise create a false or misleading image of the nature of the site.

If possible, it is preferred that you link to articles using the official title of the article concerned.

Prohibited Activities

You may not redistribute or republish any material contained on the Marlborough Online site in any form, without prior written permission from the site owner.

You must not access Marlborough Online with bots or other automated information collection software, with the exception of search engines as mentioned below.

Search Engines 

One permitted exception to the republishing rule is for internet search engines. Internet search engines are permitted a limited right to republish material, but only to the extent that is necessary to directy traffic to the Marlborough Online web site.

You may not use or link to photos on Marlborough Online on your own sites.

You may not attempt to alter content on the site, attempt to use any email services for distributing unsolicited commercial email, attempt to gain unauthorised access to any restricted content or attempt to flood the site with unnecessary traffic.


Material on Marlborough Online is copyright of the respective authors. All rights reserved.

Marlborough Online does not make any warranties regarding accuracy of content, or availability of material. Your use of the site is at your own risk.

Marlborough Online is published under the jurisdiction of the laws of New Zealand.

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