Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 23-6-2017 15:14

Marlborough Online does not directly collect any personal information about visitors to the site, however if you use various social functionality such as Facebook Share button, Tweet, or Like Marlborough Online's Facebook page, you may be identifiable to the extent of your public profile on any of these third party services. You should make yourself aware of the privacy policy of any of these third party services on their respective web sites if you use any of these services.

Marlborough Online itself collects limited information automatically via web server log files, such as IP address, date, time, and pages visited, however none of this can be used by Marlborough Online to identify an individual.

Marlborough Online sets a cookie htscallerid, valid for one year that contains a unique id to identify your browser on subsequent visits, however this cookie stores no user identifiable information, and is not available to any other web site. If you disable cookies in your web browser, some site functionality may be affected.

If you use the contact form, you will need to provide your email address. This will be used by Marlborough Online solely for the purpose of communicating with you in response to your message. Your email address will not be provided to any third party.

Marlborough Online makes use of Google Analytics site traffic analysis software. Google has its own privacy policy which applies to the use of this software. If you have any privacy concerns, and have a Google account, Marlborough Online recommends that you ensure that you log out of your Google account, or start a private browsing session before browsing Marlborough Online.

In the event of criminal activities occurring, Marlborough Online may voluntarily or as a result of a court order turn over log files to a law enforcement authority. Law enforcement authorities may have the ability to request log files from ISPs which in combination with Marlborough Online log files, might be able to provide the identity of a web site visitor. As Marlborough Online is based in New Zealand, information requested by a law enforcement agency will not be supplied unless the request complies with New Zealand law.

In plain English, unless you do something evil, we don't know, and don't care who you are. If you do something evil, we can hand over information to people that combined with information from other sources, they can use to do mean things to you. If you don't like the sound of this, then don't be evil.