Marlborough Region

Marlborough District is the north eastern most region of the South Island, New Zealand, recognised for its wine, aquaculture, and scenic attraction of the Marlborough Sounds.


A variety of locally made Marlborough arts, crafts and other merchandise available for purchase.

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Black Birch Range

The Black Birch Range with Altimarloch as its highest point, is one of several named mountain ranges that bound the Awatere Valley to the north.

Sacred kingfisher/Kōtare (Todiramphus sanctus)

The sacred kingfisher or Kōtare (Todiramphus sanctus ssp. vagans) is a distinctive New Zealand native bird found throughout the country wherever they can find suitable prey.

Silver Tussock (Poa cita)

Silver Tussock (Poa cita) is one of the commonest of New Zealand's short tussock grasses.


Marlborough Blog

Blog and commentary on topics including politics, travel, economy, relating to Marlborough, New Zealand


Although sparsely populated, Marlborough has a variety of interesting architecture including churches, bridges, wineries and historic homesteads.


Biographies of Marlborough residents who have had an influence on local, national and international affairs.

Business & Economy

The Marlborough economy has a primary industry focus, although land use has changed over the years, with viticulture currently drawing international attention to the region.


Although only having a small population Marlborough has developed a strong cultural identity around cuisine, visual arts, crafts, and performing arts.


Marlborough is a diverse region geographically with a variety of natural and man-made features that distinguish the region both nationally and internationally.


Marlborough has a rich history dating back to some of the first human arrivals in New Zealand to early European exploration and colonisation and much later the rise of the wine industry


Marlborough offers a wide range of recreational activities.

Natural History

Marlborough is home to a variety of rare and endangered plant and animal species, as well as a lot of more common ones that are also of interest.

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