Welcome to Marlborough, New Zealand

NZ.gifMarlborough is a sparsely populated region in the South Island of New Zealand which is both spectacular for its natural beauty, and important for its contribution to the national economy.

band.gifFrom traditional Māori culture to a variety of contemporary music and drama, Marlborough provides a wide variety of activities for people to be involved in.

picnic.gifMarlborough has a favourable climate and diverse geography, which provide a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities.

seascape.gifMarlborough is rich in geographical diversity, with outstanding features such as the Marlborough Sounds, and Molesworth.

leaf.gifMarlborough is home to a diversity of native and introduced plant and animal species.

boat.gifMarlborough has a rich human history, beginning with the moa hunters, to the first European sealers and whalers, to the region's military role during the Second World War. 

Marlborough has been the home of various famous and infamous personalities, including scientists, murderers, Māori chieftans, artists, and many more. 

Traditionally Marlborough was an agricultural economy but today is renowned for its wines, particularly sauvignon blanc, with other important industries including mussel farming, forestry, aviation and tourism.

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