Brownlee's Milling

A sawmilling business of international status, that aggressively utilised technology to fell large tracts of Marlborough forests during the 19th and early 20th Centuries.


The Echo was a veteran WW2 supply ship and the last remaining Port Blenheim ship.

Edwin Fox

The 9th oldest ship in the World and the only surviving wooden immigrant ship to New Zealand.

Flax Milling

An industry that came into existance for the sole purpose of supporting the allied war effort during the Second World War.

Historical Timeline

A historical timeline of signficant events in Marlborough, from prehistory until the present.

Mangatapu Murders

Marlborough has had its share of criminals, and in the 'good old days' some were as bad if not worse than those of today.

Port Blenheim

Port Blenheim was a port operated on the Opawa River up until 1968, providing a shipping connection with Wellington

Rail History

The coastal rail link between Marlborough and Canterbury was the largest railway construction project in New Zealand's history.

T.Eckford & Co Ltd.

T.Eckford & Co Ltd. was Port Blenheim's longest serving shipping company providing service between Blenheim and Wellington from the 1880s to 1960s

T.S.S. Waverley

T.S.S. Waverley was a steam ship that serviced Wellington, Nelson, the West Coast in the late 19th and early 20th Century, until the hulk was stranded in the Wairau Lagoons in 1928

Wairau Incident

In 1843 a notorious and tragic incident occurred at Tuamarina between Maori and European settlers, as a result of tension over land.

Rore Pukekohatu's Account of the Wairau Incident

The Wairau Incident as described by an eye witness

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