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Things to do in Blenheim

To dispel the misconception that there's not much to do in Blenheim besides wine, we've compiled a list of great activities that have little to do with wine.

Classic Teamwork

Classic Fighters 2015 was a fantastic team effort by people from Marlborough and beyond, showcasing aviation history.

Marlborough 101

How well do you know Marlborough? Coming soon, a list of 101 things to do in the region. What would be on your list? How much a Marlburian are you?

Moetapu Magic

Moetapu Bay has one of the nicest beaches within reasonable driving distance in the Marlborough Sounds - if you can find it.

Brilliant Every Day?

Thoughts on New Year resolutions, regional branding and telling the Marlborough Story.

Marvellous Marlborough

Marlborough Anniversary weekend 2014 provided an opportunity to enjoy and reflect on what is special about the region.

A Right Royal Visit

A royal visit to Blenheim is a chance to reflect on what we value as New Zealanders.


Chorus gigatown competition gives Blenheim and Marlborough a chance to consider regional development.

Best and Worst

Marlborough has many great people and places to get to know, but locals need to respect the environment.

Summer Beerfest

Review of the Summer Beerfest 2012 at Drylands Restaurant, Blenheim by a non beer drinker.

Made in NZ

In an era of almost daily news reports of NZ businesses moving to China, a Marlborough local and his Chinese wife are going against the grain and increasing their support for locally made products.

Corruption Conspiracies

The Sheard Report on alleged corruption in the Marlborough District Council is out, with hardly unexpected conclusions.

Amazing Marlborough

Marlborough has a well deserved reputation as a great destination, but tourist guides can gloss over many of the hidden gems in the region.


Blenheim is associated with the hot, dry barrenness of the Wither Hills and Wairau Plain, but given the example of other towns it could easily have a green makeover.

Blenheim Airport

With likely further cutbacks to NZ Defence Force use of Woodbourne, and recent iwi settlements, should investment in Woodbourne be made to become an international airport to overcome the limitations of Wellington?

Community Spirit

There are plenty of people in Marlborough doing their bit to make a better place. On Saturday, two events stood out that highlighted Marlburians' can-do attitude to making Marlborough and the world a better place.

The People Have Spoken

The campaigning is over, the votes are cast, the computers have done their number crunching on the complicated system that is STV, and Marlborough has a new council. For all the excellent media coverage along with candidates' own electioneering, only

Marlborough Gardens

After a weekend of both assisting with the creation of an edible garden, and looking at the fruits of other people's labours, it's given me an opportunity to reflect on what a green fingered bunch Marlburians are, whether we're urban or rural dweller

Lonely Planet Blenheim

Once again, Lonely Planet has released its annual update, and once again Blenheim hasn't exactly fared well. Is there any basis for Lonely Planet's rather uninspiring rating of Blenheim?

Is Marlborough Prepared?

The recent earthquake in Christchurch is a wakeup call for Marlborough. The region has major fault lines running the length of the Awatere and Wairau Valleys so it's a good time to check how well prepared we are.

End of an Era

BTM (Business Training Marlborough) has announced its closure due to an end to government funding, and an inability to attract other funding sources. Will this affect your business?

Council Teamwork

Media reports of some statements by Jamie Arbuckle, challenger to the current mayor Alistair Sowman are likely to stimulate debate. The question is who is right?


Progressive Enterprises take over and conversion of Redwood Super Value and Springlands Fresh Choice is both alarming but also offers potential to explore new forms of business.

ETS Good For Marlborough

Like it or loathe it, we're living in a post ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) world. Although there are some negatives, the scheme offers some real economic opportunities for Marlborough

Tough Times

Marlborough has been riding a wine tsunami that seems to have swept everything in its path, but even tsunamis lose their force. There must be a lot of people wondering "Where to from here?"

Elections 2010

Local body elections in Marlborough may not be the most exciting, but they are still a part of the democratic process, and it's important to have your say.

Outer Limits

The group wanting to build a new commercial complex in Middle Renwick Road finally have got their way. Outer Limits looks set to become a reality.

Festival 2010

On Saturday February 27th, Pollard Park hosted the Marlborough Multicultural Festival 2010. The event is something all Marlborough should be proud of.

Rates for home bus

Marlborough District Council is considering charging additional rates for homes where businesses operate.


New Zealander is a nation founded on migration, but as New Zealanders we're sometimes a bit ambivalent in our attitude to new arrivals.

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