Lake Alexander and Tummil River Video

A video documentary of the Tummil River and Lake Alexander area off the Waihopai Valley.


Although relatively arid, Marlborough has a number of natural and artificial lakes

High Country

A collection of articles about Marlborough's high country and mountain areas, including Molesworth, NZ's largest farm.


Wetlands and estuaries in the Marlborough region of New Zealand

Towns & Settlements

Marlborough is sparsely populated, with the greater part of the population concentrated on the Wairau plain in and around Blenheim, with other smaller settlements scattered throughout the region.


A collection of articles and photo galleries about rivers in Marlborough, New Zealand

Coastal Areas

Marlborough boasts an extensive coastline, and numerous islands thanks largely to the spectacular Marlborough Sounds

Geological Overview

Marlborough is a region shaped by active geological activity, from continuous tectonic plate movement, and from older glacial influences.

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