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Lake Jasper

A small lake in the Awatere Valley located alongside Taylor Pass Road.

Lake McCrae

An alpine lake in Southern Marlborough in the Molesworth area. The lake is extremely isolated and accessible only by experienced trampers as no marked track is provided. DOC provides a six bunk hut near the lake.


Grovetown Lagoon

Grovetown Lagoon is an oxbow lake in Marlborough formed from the Wairau River in 1861 when a flood left an isolated loop of river.

Lake Alexander

Lake Alexander is a small alpine lake which is the source of the Tummil River in the Waihopai Valley, Marlborough.

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is a small hydroelectric storage lake in the Wairau Valley, owned by Trustpower.

Lake Chalice

Lake Chalice is an alpine lake approximately 2km long located in Mount Richmond Forest Park, Marlborough

Lake Elterwater

Lake Elterwater is a small lake in south Marlborough near Ward which provides a habitat for a variety of waterfowl

Lake Grassmere

Lake Grassmere is a shallow lake near Ward used for solar salt production. It was the epicentre of a strong earthquake in 2013.

Lake Jasper

Lake Jasper is a small lake on private property in the Awatere Valley, immediately to the west of Taylor Pass Road.

Lake Timara

Lake Timara is a small artifical lake on private property near Fairhall.

Tarndale Lakes

The Tarndale (Sedgemere) Lakes are a group of subalpine lakes and tarns with important ecological siginificance one of Marlborough's remotest wildernesses.

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