Plant Species found in Marlborough

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Marlborough's vegetation is quite diverse due to the range of different climatic and soil conditions in the region, and due to human interaction with the environment.

The Richmond Range and parts of the upper Wairau support a significant amount of native beech forest, while undisturbed or revegetated parts of the Marlborough Sounds are covered in temperate coastal rainforest, with tree ferns common.

In the drier south east, there are coastal regions with tussock dunes, and the rock daisy Pachystegia insignis is found throughout Marlborough in some of the more inaccessible locations, often found growing out of apparently sheer rock faces.

Unfortunately a number of invasive plant species have also made Marlborough home, with Old Man's Beard, Budlleia, and Banana Passionfruit just some of the significant problem species.


Over spring and summer, Marlborough roadsides, parks, and reserves become a mass of colour with wildflowers, many of them species escaped from gardens.

Moss sporophytes, Taylor River


Bryophytes are a class of non-vascular plants that include mosses and liverworts. In Marlborough, they can be found everywhere from urban areas to alpine environments.

Necklace fern (Asplenium flabellifolium)


Fern species found throughout the Marlborough region of New Zealand

Calystegia soldanella

Herbaceous plants in Marlborough

Selection of native herbaceous plants found in Marlborough, New Zealand

Akeake (Dodonaea viscosa)

Native Trees and Shrubs of Marlborough

Marlborough's diverse geography and climate supports a variety of native trees and shrubs, some found only within the region.