Hodder River

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Hodder River looking south from Hodder Bridge
Hodder River looking south from Hodder Bridge © Christopher Cookson  License this image

The Hodder River is a tributary of the Awatere River in Marlborough, with its source in the Inland Kaikōura Range to the south of the Awatere Valley. Sections of the river are braided, while in places it is constrained to a narrow gorge and includes waterfalls. Most of the geology is sedimentary with greywacke the predominant rock in the river bed, however there are also igneous intrusions from the mid-Cretaceous period.  The Awatere Valley Road crosses the river via the Hodder Suspension Bridge. The river is used as a tramping route to access Tapuae-o-uenuku, the highest peak in Marlborough. The Hodder River's confluence with the Awatere River is near Gladstone Downs. 

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