Mount Richmond Forest Park

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Pine Valley Stream, Mount Richmond Forest Park
Pine Valley Stream, Mount Richmond Forest Park
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Mount Richmond Forest Park is the second largest forest park in New Zealand at 166,000 hectares, including substantial beech forest and rugged mountain ranges. Larger than all but three of New Zealand's 13 national parks, it is named after Mount Richmond, a 1760m peaak in the Richmond Range which forms the northern boundary of the Wairau Valley. The park was created in 1977.

The main entry points to the park are off the Northbank Road in Marlborough, at Onamalutu, Bartletts/Quartz Creek, Pine Valley, Top Valley, and the Goulter River. Acess is also possible from the Wakamarina Valley and from south of Nelson. Due to logging operations, various access points may be temporarily closed, sometimes for a number of months, so confirming available access points via the DOC website is always essential before visiting the park.

The park offers a range of recreation activities from short day walks and picnics to long overnight tramps, mountain biking, four wheel driving, and fly fishing. A network of  DOC huts are distributed throughout the park. Lake Chalice, one of a handful of lakes in Marlborough, is located within the park.

A hut popular with families, due to its accessibility, the Pine Valley Hut was destroyed by fire in June 2014.


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