Onamalutu Scenic Reserve

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Onamalutu Domain
Onamalutu Domain
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Situated in the Onamalutu Valley, accessible off the North Bank Road, the Onamalutu Scenic Reserve is administered by the Department of Conservation. The ŇĆhinemahuta River (formerly mis-spelled as Onamalutu) flows through the reserve. The reserve was donated by a local sawmiller in 1901, preserving a small element of the natural flora that once filled the valley.

The reserve features a remnant of podocarp forest of the type once common in the region before major deforestation by European settlers. Kahikatea, totara and other species are present in this forest remnant. The eastern part of the reserve also includes some mature exotic trees

In addition to short walking tracks through this pocket of native forest, a large grassy area suitable for a wide range of sporting activities and a campsite and picnic area make the location popular as a place for family outings less than half an hour's drive from Blenheim. Sandflies can be a nuisance around the river, so insect repellant is a good idea.

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