Marlborough Parks and Reserves

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The Marlborough region has a wealth of parks and reserves suitable for a wide range of activities, from sports, to picnics to outdoor pursuits. Smaller parks in urban areas are generally administered by the Marlborough District Council, while many large wilderness areas fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation.

Ballinger Park

Ballinger Park is a small park in Riversdale, Blenheim with children's playground and extensive plantings.

Brayshaw Park

Brayshaw Park provides a site for heritage and other activities in Blenheim. Named after the late Norm Brayshaw, a local historian.

Burleigh Park

Burleigh Park is located on the north side of New Renwick Road in Blenheim with picnic tables a playground and numerous large trees.

Eltham Road Reserve

Eltham Road Reserve is a small reserve on the corner of Eltham Road and Rogers Street in Blenheim with several large trees dating from 1875.

George Powell Reserve

A small reserve in the Witherlea area of Blenheim with swings and providing pedestrian connection to nearby streets.

George Young Reserve

George Young Reserve is a Blenheim reserve near Forest Park Drive

Glenhill Heights Reserve

Glenhill Heights Reserve is a small reserve with extensive native plantings linking Kim Crescent and Elisha Drive in Blenheim

Governors Bay

Governors Bay is a small DOC reserve with a sandy beach accessible from Queen Charlotte Drive

Harling Park

Harling Park is a Japanese style park, built as part of a sister city project to represent the relationship between Blenheim and Tendo and Otari in Japan.

Kaipupu Point

Kaipupu Point is a headland separating Picton harbour from Shakespeare Bay that has been transformed into a wildlife santuary.

Koromiko Forest Reserve / Collins Memorial

A former deer park near Koromiko is now a reserve with some of the best remaining lowland native forest in Marlborough

Lansdowne Park

Lansdowne Park is a multi code sports facility that has a long tradition as the home of Marlborough rugby.

Lions Reserve

Lions Reserve is a small reserve with a picnic area on Hawkesbury Road.

Liz Davidson Place

Liz Davidson Place is a pocket park within the Blenheim CBD with a paved area, public toilets, seating, trees and a raised grassed area.

Marfells Beach

Marfells Beach is a DOC reserve and campsite in south Marlborough near Lake Grassmere

McKendry Park

Former commercial orchard in Springlands, Blenheim with extensive heritage fruit tree plantings and thousands of daffodil bulbs.

Mount Richmond Forest Park

Mount Richmond Forest Park is the second largest forest park in New Zealand at 166,000 hectares, and includes substantial beech forest and rugged mountain ranges.

Oliver Park

Oliver Park, in Redwoodtown, Blenheim is primarily a sports ground, used for rugby football in the winter, and cricket in summer, but also has a children's playground.

Onamalutu Scenic Reserve

The Onamalutu Scenic Reserve is administered by the Department of Conservation and provides picnic and camping facilities in a remnant of indigenous podocarp forest.

Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve

The Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve preserves a remnant of the podocarp forest that once filled the Pelorus Valley before extensive milling cleared the land.

Pollard Park

Pollard Park is an extensive park in the north of Blenheim, covering an 26.4 hectares, providing a popular venue for weddings, picnics and family outings.

Riverside Park, Blenheim

Riverside Park is an area of river reserve on the banks of the Taylor River in central Blenheim.

Seymour Square

Seymour Square is a park in central Blenheim with formal gardens and World War I and World War II memorials.

Shep's Park

A 2.5 hectare park donated to the people of Marlborough by the late Joy Shepard

Sutherland Stream Reserve

Sutherland stream reserve follows a normally dry stream bed north from the Redwood Street entrance to the Wither Hills Farm Park.

Taylor Dam

Taylor Dam is the largest earth flood protection structure in New Zealand and a popular Blenheim recreational reserve and wildlife habitat.

Taylor River Reserve

Taylor River Reserve is a floodway and recreation reserve that runs from Taylor Dam to Riverside Park in Central Blenheim.

Victoria Domain

Victoria Domain is an extensive reserve providing excellent views over Picton harbour, and a number of walking tracks.

Wither Hills Farm Park

The Wither Hills form the southern boundary of the Wairau valley south of Blenheim, with much of the hills part of a farm park.

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