Haiku of the day - That Wither Hills Tree


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That Wither Hills Tree
That Wither Hills Tree
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With travel currently impossible beyond local walking or cycling distance, there are a lot of famous landmarks that are out of reach, but with a bit of creativity, it's often possible to come up with local examples. I've spent a lot of time exploring local landmarks on foot, and even published a couple of books of poetry and photography that have sold a few hundred copies celebrating the local landscape so I know many of the treasures right on our back doorstep here in Marlborough. 

Marlborough doesn't actually have many lakes even when you can travel, but there are a few ponds around, even within the otherwise rather dry Wither Hills Farm Park. With that in mind, while this isn't that Wanaka Tree, and this one is rather dead, here is a new haiku about a tree in a body of water, right here in Blenheim.

Wither Hills Tree

Abandoned, leafless
lifeless sunlit skeleton
wooden monument


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