Pollard Park

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Pollard Park
Pollard Park
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Pollard Park is Blenheim's second largest park at 26.4 hectares in the Springlands suburb. It is exceeded only by the Wither Hills Farm Park.


Pollard Park is named after William Pollard, owner of the Delta Sheep Station, who donated £4,000 to the Blenheim Borough Council in 1914 for the purchase of part of the then Waterlea Farm for development as a park. Mr. R. McCallum also donated £500 worth of water rights. Initially the park was known as Waterlea Park, however on his death in 1926 William Pollard left a signficant bequest in addition to his previous contributions, and recognition of his generosity, the Blenheim Borough Council renamed the park  to Pollard Park in his memory.

In 1937 coronation acorns from the Royal Park at Windsor in England are planted to commemorate the coronation of King George VI.

In 1958, Mayor E. P. Meechen planted the first rose in the Centennial Rose Garden.

On February 13, 1963, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Pollard Park, where they were welcomed by a crowd of 12,000 as part of a twelve day tour of New Zealand.


The main entrance is in Parker Street, and the park is also accessible from McLaughlan Street via a right-of-way. The park includes the Blenheim Golf Course, formal and informal plantings, an extensive rose garden, a stream, a section of native plants, a children's playground, and numerous large specimen trees. 

Baden Powell Corner provides a playground, electric barbeque, toilets and electricity supply and is used as a venue for summer events.

Churchill Glade provides a grassed area suitable for larger events but with fewer facilities.

Extensive flower beds are planted out in colourful displays of annuals each year, which often are made into pictorial or textual designs. Large numbers of ducks frequent the banks of the stream that runs through the park, and are always on the lookout for food scraps from visitors.

In autumn, the wide variety of deciduous trees provide spectacular colours, while in spring plantings of bulbs such as tulips provide a colourful display.

An outdoor fitness circuit provides various items of equipment for different exercise activities distributed around the park.

Off street parking is available next to Baden Powell Corner. 

The local electricity distribution company, Marlborough Lines provides coloured lighting at night during much of the year.

Events and activities.

Pollard Park is used for a range of events including a summer concert series, and the annual Marlborough Multicultural Festival typically held in February or March each year to commemorate Race Unity Day. The park is also used for "Christmas in the Park", a Christmas concert involving public carol singing, and special items, organised by the Blenheim Christian Ministers' Association.

The park is a popular venue for wedding photography and in some cases weddings themselves.

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