Huruhuruwhenua (Asplenium oblongifolium)

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Huruhuruwhenua (Asplenium oblongifolium) also known as shining spleenwort is a fern endemic to New Zealand, found primarily in coastal and lowland habitats. The fern is distinguished by its glossy fronds that can grow to over a metre in length with a distinctive herringbone spore pattern on the underside. Although most commonly found in coastal habitats, huruhuruwhenua can be found in a wide variety of habitats including in dense forest, both on the ground and as an epiphyte.

Fresh shoots were traditionally eaten by Māori.

This example was observed growing under coastal forest amongst rocks at Rarangi.

Image Date: 18/10/2020

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

Location: Latitude: -41.391712 Longitude: 174.049103

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