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Renwick pubs
Renwick pubs

Renwick is a small town about 10km west of Blenheim with a usually resident population of 2,118 at the 2013 Census. Founded by Dr. Thomas Renwick in the 1850s, with the intention of establishing a well organised and prosperous community, the town never realized its founder's dreams. 

The town has a small museum, sports grounds and a community hall. Industry is centred around servicing the wine industry. The town has several pubs, with The Cork and Keg billing itself as a 'traditional English pub' .Renwick School is a primary school providing education up to year eight, with a decile rating of 7 as of 2015.

The town tends to suffer from water restrictions in summer.

In 2001 Renwick faced the need for an new sewage system. Several years later, the upgrade was complete, with Renwick being connected to the Blenheim sewage system.


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