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Historic saddlery, Grovetown
Historic saddlery, Grovetown

Grovetown is a small settlement about 2.5km north of Blenheim, mostly to the east of State Highway One. Grovetown has a pub, a primary school, and a community hall, but no retail shops. Controversy arose during the 2007-2010 term of the Marlborough District Council as a result of substantial costs being imposed on residents to provide connection to the Blenheim sewage scheme.

Steam Wharf Road, continuing on from the end of Fell Street leads to the Grovetown Lagoon, a body of water that previously formed part of the Wairau River, but was cut off during a flood in 1861. The lagoon has become seriously degraded over the years, through growth of noxious weeds both in and around the lagoon, however a combined project involving Nelson/Marlborough Fish and Game, local iwi, the Grovetown Community, Marlborough District Council and volunteers aims to restore the lagoon to something closer to its natural state.