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Wind on the Withers
Wind on the Withers

This web site was born out of the desire to celebrate everything that is Marlborough. As a region, we tend not to make enough noise about what we've got, but if you take a few moments to think, we've got much of what makes Central Otago famous, apart from bungee jumps. We've got great wine, wilderness and water, and not too many people to make it feel overcrowded. As Fred Dagg would say, "We don't know how lucky we are."

Marlborough also has a great pool of creative talent, including artists, writers, photographers and poets, which is hardly surprising given how much potential for inspiration there is around us.

25th of August is National Poetry Day, so to celebrate, Marlborough Online is giving away a copy of 'Wind on the Withers', a small coffee table book of poetry and photography celebrating the Wither Hills. 

To enter, you need to 'like' and reply to the post about this competion on the Marlborough Online Facebook Page with a short poem that relates to Marlborough, optionally with an accompanying photo. I won't be judging the image, but sometimes an image and poem together can convey what the poet is trying to say more clearly than words alone.
The poem and any accompanying image must be your own original work, and not have previously won any award.
In terms of defining Marlborough, people who have been around before 1989 may remember different boundaries to the current Marlborough District, so I'm prepared to accept references to anything within either Marlborough District, or the old Marlborough provincial boundaries.

I will select the winning entry on the 25th of August. Poetry is very subjective, and there are lots of different styles, so what I'm looking for above all is something that really captures the essence of Marlborough.

The winning poem and runners up along with accompanying photographs (if any), will be published on the Marlborough Online web site, so you need to give permission to do so, but you retain copyright of any words and images you provide, but give Marlborough Online the right to use them on this web site and social media in connection with this competition. You will be be given credited.

If you include a photograph that includes identifiable people other than yourself, you need to be able to provide evidence that they gave their permission to appear in the photograph.

You don't have to be resident in Marlborough as long as your poem is about Marlborough, however if you win, you need to be able to collect the book in Blenheim or be prepared to pay for postage. (The book fits in a medium envelope so can be posted anywhere in NZ, and potentially internationally at letter rate.) 

Marlborough Online is essentially a labour of love, and is basically subsidised by my paying work building web sites, IT services and a little bit of advertising revenue from Google, as well as sales of books like 'Wind on the Withers', so I can't afford to give too much away, but I want to encourage and support creativity in Marlborough.

Chris Cookson,
Marlborough Online


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