Meet Shaggy - Marlborough Online's new mascot


Last Modified: 6-4-2020 21:43


Having my daughter home for at least four weeks when I'm not on holiday is an interesting experience. One of the ways people have tried to keep children occupied over the lockdown period has been to put teddy bears in windows to allow families to search for them while they're out exercising.

Marlborough Online is a website of course, but I wondered whether perhaps I could do something similar to spot the teddy to offer a bit of a challenge for people. I thought about the idea of hiding a teddy bear icon somewhere on the site and moving it around each day, but then I thought a bit more and realised that although cute, teddy bears are not a natural part of Marlborough's wildlife, but we do have some pretty amazing wildlife that's found nowhere else in the world.

I also thought it might be about time Marlborough Online had a mascot.

I'm not a graphic designer, but I know a little bit about using design software, so set to work to come up with something.

I'd like to introduce Shaggy. Shaggy is a New Zealand King Shag. There are only around 800 of these birds in the world, and they're all found in Marlborough. That sounds a pretty good choice of mascot for a site about Marlborough.

I'm still working to come up with some way to celebrate when you've found Shaggy, but at this stage Shaggy is live, and will be popping up around the website. See if you can find him or her, and you might learn some interesting things about Marlborough while you're at it.

Just a quick note, I've noticed there's a wee bit of an issue with the site on mobile devices at the moment with the menu button not showing up properly. As unpaid editor, programmer, photographer and everything, sometimes things slip through the cracks, and unfortunately the Covid-19 lockdown doesn't mean time on my hands. The dropdown menu is actually there, just for some reason it's gone invisible, just to the right of the site title, but you can still navigate around the site if you're looking for Shaggy.