Bridges of Marlborough

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Alfred Street Bridge, Taylor River

Marlborough Bridges Photo Gallery

A selection of images of bridges from around the Marlborough region.

Historic Awatere road/rail bridge with new road bridge in background

Awatere Road Rail Bridge

The historic Awatere road rail bridge near Seddon was completed in 1902 and served both trains and vehicles until 2007.

Hodder suspension bridge

Hodder Bridge

The Hodder Suspension Bridge is a unique structure in the Awatere Valley.

Ōpaoa (Opawa) River Bridge

Ōpaoa (Opawa) River Bridge

The Ōpaoa River Bridge was constructed between 1915-1917 and is the oldest bowstring arch bridge in NZ.

Pelorus Bridge

Pelorus Bridge

The Pelorus Bridge is one of several iconic bridges in Marlborough, New Zealand, located on State Highway 6.

Branch River bridge, Taylor Pass

Taylor Pass Bridges

Three small, one way bridges can be found along the length of Taylor Pass Road, connecting Blenheim with the Awatere Valley.

Alfred Street bridge, Taylor River

Taylor River Bridges

The Taylor River has more bridges across it than any other river in Marlborough, partly due to its course that takes it through Blenheim.

Wairau River bridge, SH6

Wairau Bridge SH 6

The Wairau Bridge near Renwick is a concrete and steel structure that replaced an earlier wooden bridge.

Wairau River Bridge, SH1

Wairau River SH1

The bridge over the Wairau River on State Highway 1 near Tuamarina is a concrete structure completed in 1965.