Taylor River Bridges

Last Modified: 28-6-2017 19:38

Alfred Street bridge, Taylor River
Alfred Street bridge, Taylor River

As the river which flows through the centre of Blenheim, it's unsurprising that there are more bridges on the Taylor River than any other river in Marlborough. In addition to a number of road bridges, there are also several pedestrian bridges, a rail bridge for the main trunk line, and several rail bridges for the Riverside Railway that runs from Brayshaw Park to Riverside Park.

Over the years, bridges have been replaced, with the current bridge on State Highway One replacing a previous bridge where the amphitheatre in Riverside Park is currently located.

Currrently there are seven road bridges; Sinclair Street (SH1), Alfred Street, Hutcheson Street, High Street, New Renwick Road (Burleigh Bridge), Meadowbank Road, and Taylor Pass Road.

In addition to the road bridges are four pedestrian bridges;Riverside Park, Henry Street, Beaver Road, Taylor River Floodway Reserve near Brook Street and Monro Street.

The Blenheim Riverside Railway has two bridges on the Taylor; one near Brook Street, and the other crosses to the Aviation Heritage Centre at Omaka.

In Taylor Pass there is also a stock bridge.