Wairau Lagoons Walkway

Last Modified: 20-2-2019 16:24

Wairau Lagoons walkway near the Waverley
Wairau Lagoons walkway near the Waverley

The Wairau Lagoons walkway begins at the end of Hardings Road near oxidation ponds that provide for Blenheim's sewage treatment. The walkway passes through the ecologically significant salt marsh habitat of the Wairau Lagoons. The area is flat an exposed, and parts of the walkway can be wet due to the low lying nature of the environment. Walkers should either use waterproof footwear or be prepared to get wet feet, particularly in winter, although the track can be dry during summer. A good windproof jacket is also a good idea due to the lack of shelter and sea breeze.

A feature of the walk is the Waverley wreck, an old rusting hulk abandoned in the lagoons. There are opportunities to see birdlife, and explore the unique salt marsh habitat. Due to the flat nature of the walkway, it is suitable for any level of fitness. DOC estimates three hours to walk the full loop track to the Waverley and back, although the track can be completed in considerably less time if desired. A picnic table is available at the Waverley.

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