Myosotis sp.

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Myosotis sp.
Myosotis sp.

Many people will be familiar with the popular forget-me-not garden plants with their small, bright blue flowers, and seed capsules that cling to pets and clothing, but what many people may not be so aware of is that of the roughly 100 species of Myosotis or forget-me-not in the world, nearly half of them are endemic to New Zealand, including the world's smallest forget-me-not, with many threatened or at risk. 

Several species of forget-me-not are alpine plants, found only in mountainous regions of New Zealand.

This example was photographed on top of the Black Birch Range in Marlborough amongst scree.

Location: Latitude: -41.745491 Longitude: 173.790314"

Image Date: 15/12/2018

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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