Common Sun Orchid Thelymitra longifolia

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Thelymitra longifolia
Thelymitra longifolia © Christopher Cookson  License this image

Thelymitra longifolia or common sun orchid or maikuku is an endemic New Zealand orchid found throughout New Zealand, most commonly in scrub land. Flowering in Marlborough is typically from mid October. Plants have a single, long narrow leaf and a flower stalk between about 15-25cm tall with a number of flowers on each stem. Several plants can be clustered together giving the appearance of a single plant with multiple leaves and flower stems. As their common name suggests, sun orchids generally flower on hot, sunny days, and grow in open areas.

This example is one of a cluster of plants alongside a walking track in the Wither Hills Farm Park. Sun orchids can also be found in a variety of locations around Marlborough, with large numbers at Rarangi

Location: Latitude: -41.556816 Longitude: 173.969543

Image Date: 21/10/2017

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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