Leather leaf fern (Pyrrosia elaeagnifolia)

Last Modified: 20-2-2019 10:54

Pyrrosia elaeagnifolia
Pyrrosia elaeagnifolia

Pyrrosia elaeagnifolia is an endemic fern found throughout New Zealand, growing as an epiphyte on trees, also rock faces an artificial structures. With its tough, leathery fronds, the fern thrives in dry, sunny conditions, and can self-establish on artificial structures such as bridges and concrete walls. As an epiphyte, it readily colonises the trunks of introduced trees in parks and gardens.

This example was observed growing on a rock face amongst a variety of lichen species at Rarangi.

Location: Latitude: -41.391872 Longitude: 174.048782"

Image Date: 27/8/2018

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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