Common Triplefin (Forsterygion lapillum)

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Common triplefins/Kokopara (Forsterygion lapillum)
Common triplefins/Kokopara (Forsterygion lapillum)
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Common triplefins/Kokopara (Forsterygion lapillum) are a small fish growing up to about 8 centimetres, found throughout New Zealand in shallow water, particularly in the intertidal zone around rocky coasts. Younger fish and females have a distinct black stripe along the body, whereas males are more likely to be black, with reddish detail on dorsal fins. The fish take their name from the presence of three dorsal fins.

Food consists of a range of small invertebrates including crusteaceans and worms, and sometimes other smaller fish.

In Marlborough, rocky coasts in the Marlborough Sounds, Whites Bay provide habitats where common triplefins can be found.

This example was observed in Grove Arm in the Marlborough Sounds.

Image Date: 10/1/2024

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

Location: Latitude: -41.274334 Longitude: 173.920364

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