Animal species in Marlborough

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Due to New Zealand's geographical isolation during its formation, Marlborough like the rest of the country, has virtually no indigenous mammals. One of New Zealand's two native bat species is found in the region in the Pelorus Bridge reserve. Other vertebrates are limited to a variety of bird species, some small reptiles and amphibians, and a variety of freshwater and marine fish. A wide variety of invertebrates are found in the region.

The region is particularly rich in bird life, including a range of migratory birds and species that have introduced themselves from Australia. Many European birds have been introduced and have become naturalised, including some, such as the cirl bunting which has become endangered in its natural habitat in Europe.

A variety of deliberately introduced mammals have become pest species as in other parts of New Zealand, and the same applies to a variety of invertebrates such as various wasp species.

Backobourkia brouni

Backobourkia brouni is a large orbweaver spider native to New Zealand and Australia.

Birds species in Marlborough

A selection of bird species found in Marlborough, New Zealand

Black mountain ringlet butterfly

The black mountain ringlet butterfly is a native butterfly found only in alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand.

Blue Tube Worm (Spirobranchus cariniferus)

Blue Tube Worm (Spirobranchus cariniferus) or toke pā to Māori are a marine polychaete worm endemic to New Zealand.

Copper butterfly

The coastal copper butterfly (Lycaena salustius) is a small butterfly endemic to New Zealand, found throughout the country.

Fish Species in Marlborough

With around 20% of New Zealand's coastline, and several lakes, Marlborough provides a habitat for a wide range of fish species, including several unique to Marlborough.

New Zealand Fur Seal (Kekeno)

Once hunted to near extinction for their meat and skins, NZ fur seals are now common around the Marlborough coast.

Nyctemera annulata (Magpie moth)

Nyctemera annulata (Magpie moth) is a medium sized moth endemic to New Zealand with larvae that feed on members of the daisy family.

Pterophorus innotatalis

Pterophorus innotatalis is a member of the Pterophoridae (plume moth) family, endemic to New Zealand


A unique reptile which is the sole living member of the Rhynchochocephalia order of reptiles which dates from the time of the dinosaurs.