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Website development and design are two related activities, but with some distinct differences. Website development focuses more on the technical aspects of building a website, for example performance, functionality, and security, whereas website design is more focused on presentation. Many businesses offer both website design and development services, but are often more specialised in one area or the other. It's possible that a business that specialises in one area may sub-contract to another business for areas outside their primary area of expertise. 

Because websites live in the cloud, it's possible to contract someone anywhere in the world to build one, but often there are advantages in contracting someone in your local community; you can meet them face to face, and they're more likely to have local knowledge. Contracting locals also puts money back into your community. It's not a great look if you have a website encouraging people to buy local to support you, but proudly stating that it was made by some agency in another part of the country or overseas.


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Website design and development, Photography, Microsoft SQL and Access database programming, computer support, Android app development.


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