Red Hills Track

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Red Hills Track
Red Hills Track
View south from near Red Hills Hut
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Red Hills Track is a shared tramping and mountain bike track in the upper Wairau Valley in Mount Richmond Forest Park near the boundary between Marlborough and Tasman Districts. The track is about 7.5 kilometres long, beginning at an altitude of about 560m at the car park of State Highway 63, climbing to 910 metres at the Red Hills Hut. From the car park to the hut is in Marlborough District, however north of the hut, the track crosses over into Tasman District where it forms part of Te Araroa Trail.

The first couple of kilometres of the track passes through mature beech forest before connecting to an old four wheel drive track that climbs gradually following the contours of the landscape through a variety of vegetation that gradually thins out to alpine plants. The track offers excellent views of the upper Wairau Valley. The last few hundred metres before the hut, the gradient becomes steeper, but is still easily achievable for anyone with moderate fitness. That last kilometre or so of the track is quite exposed, so good waterproof and windproof clothing and sunscreen should be carried. Although the hut is in an alpine area, a swampy area with a couple of small tarns is immediately to the north of the hut, and sandflies are present, so insect repellent should be carried.

The hut is double glazed and has six bunks, a deck, but no fire, and is a good spot to be based for anyone wanting to explore the surrounding area.

DOC estimates between one to three hours from the car park to the hut depending on level of fitness, although an hour would probably require running or cycling. The distance from the car park to the hut and back is easily achievable as a day trip with an early enough start.

Getting There

Red Hills Track is about an hour’s drive west of Blenheim along State Highway 63. Travelling west from Blenheim, the car park is on the right of the road, about two kilometres before the turn off to Rainbow Skifield.

Check DOC’s website for alerts before travelling.

Key Information

Distance: 7.5km

Walking Time: Approximately 3 hours one way to hut (6 hours return)

Difficulty: Easy

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