Pukaka Valley Tracks

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Pukaka Valley Stream
Pukaka Valley Stream

Pukaka Valley is located to the north of the Wairau Plain and is accessible from Pembers Road/Rarangi Road. Several Km of unsealed road passing forestry and farm land lead to a car park and the start of the walking track. The track is wide enough to push a child's stroller/buggy suitable for outdoor use, however there is a fence and gate at the start of the track to deter motorcycles which would require lifting any any form of child transport.

The track follows the true left (ie left hand side looking downstream) of the Pukaka Valley Stream, initially through exotic scrubland with the occasional native tree, later progressing into lush native forest with a mix of podocparps such as totara and kahikatea along with beech and a diversity of other species.

Eventually the track leaves the stream and begins to climb steeply, reaching a ridge where it is possible to choose the option to follow the Mount Robertson Summit Route, or follow the loop track to Whites Bay. This later section of track requires a good level of fitness, which is rewarded by the views from Mount Robertson summit at 1036m, however the earlier sections of the track that follow the stream are suitable for younger children and people with modest fitness.

DOC suggests a time of three hours to Whites Bay or Five hours to Mount Robertson summit from the Pukaka Valley carpark.


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