Nydia Track

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Start of the Nydia Track in Duncan Bay
Start of the Nydia Track in Duncan Bay
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The Nydia Track runs between Duncan Bay in Tennyson Inlet and Kaiuma Bay passing through Nydia Bay. It is possible for fit people to complete the track in a day but over two days  to provide time to fully appreciate the environment. The 27 kilometre long track follows old bridle paths over undulating country. A number of the streams are not bridged so care is needed crossing, particularly after rain.

Duncan Bay- Nydia Bay

The track begins in Tennyson Inlet's dense coastal forest and climbs over Nydia Saddle into Nydia Bay. Most of this area is virgin forest as the Sounds were when first seen by Captain Cook and other European explorers. You will see giant podocarps hundreds of years old festuned with supplejack and kiekie and numerous native birds in the canopy. The track to Nydia Camp site takes about 4 hours with an extra 90 minutes to Nydia Lodge.

Nydia Bay - Kaiuma Bay

This section of the track follows a stream through pasture until diverting off into regenerating bush. From here it climbs steeply up to Kaiuma saddle through tall temperate forest. A second ridge must be crossed before the track descends into Kaiuma Bay. It is possible to arrange transport by boat from Shag Point which a short distance along the raod. This should be done in advance.

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