Brayshaw Park

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Model railway, Brayshaw Park
Model railway, Brayshaw Park
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Brayshaw Park provides a venue for a number of Marlborough organisations with a focus on heritage. Named after Marlborough historian the late Norm Brayshaw,  Brayshaw Park was established in 1968 on a former rubbish dump site to house the assortment of agricultural machinery that Norm had collected.

Today, Brayshaw park is the site for a number of organisations including the Marlborough Museum, Vintage Car Club, Farm Machinery Musuem, Rock and Mineral Club, Marlborough Associated Modellers Incoproated, and Blenheim Riverside Railway among others.

A feature of the park is 'Beavertown' a recreation of a historic street from early Blenheim, with fully furnished shops and other businesses, including stables, a jail, a dentist, bank, newspaper, and others as they would have been early in Marlborough's History.

An extensive track for model trains takes up part of the park, while the full size narrow gauge Riverside Railway is based at Brayshaw Park, with track connecting to the Aviation Heritage Centre and Riverside Park in central Bleheim.

The park hosts an annual Marlborough Heritage Day each year on the 6th of February. The park is also used as a venue for a variety of other events throughout the year.

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