Redwood, Henry

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Born in Stafordshire, England, Redwood came to New Zealand in 1842 with his parents. As a young man he farmed extensively near Spring Creek and began importing horses of good bloodlines for racing. Before long he became renowned for his steeds and dedication to the sport. Another major pastime of his was shooting which excelled at throughout Australasia. Redwood bought the Bluff Run and renamed it after Vice Admiral Vernon who captured Portobello from the Spanish but after an infestation of wild dogs had wrecked havoc on his stock he handed over its management to his son Thomas. Back in Spring Creek he proved himself in another way as an innovator by importing Marlborough's first steam plough as well as many other forms of farm machinery and providing advise to other setters on suitable machinery.

Redwood Street in Blenheim and Redwood Pass are named after him.

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