Fivefinger, Whauwhaupaku (Pseudopanax arboreus)

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Pseudopanax arboreus
Pseudopanax arboreus © Christopher Cookson  License this image

Fivefinger, Whauwhaupaku (Pseudopanax arboreus) is a common small tree endemic to New Zealand, identifiable by its distinctive leaves and seeds. Named for the leafs which actually occur in clusters of from 5-7, but with five being the most common, fivefinger is fast growing, and capable of rapidly colonising regenerating forest. In addition to the leaves, the dark purplish brown clusters of flowers and later small fruits are another key characteristic.

This example was observed at Rarangi growing on a rocky bluff.

Location: Latitude: -41.391811 Longitude: 174.050110

Image Date: 27/8/2018

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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