Poroporo (Solanum laciniatum)

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Poroporo (Solanum laciniatum)
Poroporo (Solanum laciniatum)

Poroporo (Solanum laciniatum) is a native shrub in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, found throughout New Zealand.  The leaves and immature fruit are poisonous, however the mature fruit were eaten by Māori and early European settlers. The immature fruit yeild a steriod precursor that can be used to produce contraceptives, and are grown for this purpose commercially in Russia and China.

The plant has bright purple flowers and grows to 2-3m in height. It quickly colonises burnt areas and is considered a weed in urban areas, however it is grown as a cultivated plant.

The example shown was observed within the Wither Hills Farm Park.


Location: Latitude: -41.549419 Longitude: 173.965546"

Image Date: 17/12/2015

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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