Prickly Shield Fern, pūnui (Polystichum vestitum)

Last Modified: 16-1-2020 22:40

Polystichum vestitum
Polystichum vestitum

Prickly Shield Fern, pūnui (Polystichum vestitum) is a cold hardy fern endemic to New Zealand, found throughout the country on all the main islands, as well as a number of outlying islands. The fern may form a short trunk, and has fronds up to about 40cm. It can be found typically around forest margins and tussock grasslands, and prefers cool conditions.

This example was observed in a clearing at Onamalutu scenic reserve.

Location: Latitude: -41.459610 Longitude: 173.703918

Image Date: 15/1/2020

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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