Piupiu/Gully Fern (Pneumatopteris pennigera)

Last Modified: 26-8-2021 15:21

Pneumatopteris pennigera
Pneumatopteris pennigera
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Piupiu or Gully Fern Pneumatopteris pennigera is one of New Zealand's commonest native ground fern found throughout the country, including the Chatham Islands, and also in Australia. Fronds range from about 40-150cm, in this example about 50cm. Usual habitat is in damp, frost free areas of forest from the coast to montane areas to about 700m. P. pennigera is available from a number of nurseries and is tolerant of most soil types, but needs a shady, frost free location with plenty of moisture.

Traditional Māori uses include wrapping food in preparation for placement in hangi.

This example was near Black Birch Stream in the Awatere Valley.

Image Date: 26/3/2021

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

Location: Latitude: -41.703304 Longitude: 173.857483

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