Marlborough Ecological Districts

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Marlborough has 21 ecological districts as determined by a combination of geology, vegetation, climate, and human modification. Each ecological district has distinct characteristics and organisms based on these criteria.

Wither Hills Ecological District

Wither Hills Ecological District

The Wither Hills Ecological District contains the eastern hill country between the Wairau Plain and the Awatere Valley, extending to the sea at Te Parinui o Whiti (Vernon Bluffs).

Wairau Plain

Blenheim Ecological District

The Blenheim Ecological District includes most of the Wairau plain from the western bank of the Waihopai River to Cloudy Bay in the east, with the Richmond Range and Wither Hillls bounding the district to the north and south respectively.

Richmond Range

Fishtail Ecological District

Fishtail Ecological District is a region of greywacke and schist mountains to the north of the Wairau River, incorporating much of the Richmond Range, with extensive beech forests, in addition to exotic radiata pines.

Wakamarina River - Pelorus Ecological District

Pelorus Ecological District

The Pelorus Ecological District includes the inland hill and mountain country of the Te Hoire/Pelorus catchment, including its tributaries, the Wakamarina, Rai, Opouri, Ronga, and Tinline Rivers.