Peziza sp.

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Peziza sp.
Peziza sp.

Belonging to the large Ascomycota phylum of fungi, Peziza is a large genus of saprophytic fungi found worldwide, characterised by cup like fruiting bodies. In contract to bracket fungi which are hard, Peziza have a flexible, rubbery texture. Identification to a species level can be difficult without use of a microscope. Some species such as S. vesiculosa can be common amongst wood chips and sometimes compost heaps. Both indigenous (found naturally in NZ, but not necessarily unique to NZ) and exotic members of the genus have been identified.

This example was growing on a decaying fallen tree, probably a willow or poplar, in the Onamalutu Scenic Reserve.

Location: Latitude: -41.457348 Longitude: 173.705658

Image Date: 15/1/2020

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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