Favolaschia calocera

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Favolaschia calocera (orange pore fungi) at Rarangi
Favolaschia calocera (orange pore fungi) at Rarangi

Favolaschia calocera or orange pore fungi is not a native fungi, originally being identified in Madagascar. It lives on dead wood and is found at various sites around Marlborough. This example was observed at Rarangi.

Favolaschia appears as bright orange colonies with individual fruiting bodies ranging from a few mm up to 20-30mm in diameter. The upper surface is uneven with small bumps, while the underside has very obvious pores.

The fungus is potentially invasive displacing native species.


Location: Latitude: -41.391788 Longitude: 174.048843"

Image Date: 19/4/2014

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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