Cyclocybe parasitica

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Cyclocybe parasitica
Cyclocybe parasitica

Cyclocybe parasitica, formerly known as Agrocybe parasitica or Poplar rot is a large mushroom species native to New Zealand responsible for heartwood rot in both native and exotic hardwoods, found throughout New Zealand. C. parasitica is considered edible.

( However, since identification of fungi can be difficult, and some fungi are extremely toxic, and can result in death, you should never attempt to eat any fungi in the wild without confirmation from an experienced mushroom expert.)

These examples were observed growing on a dying poplar tree in the Wither Hills Farm Park within the Sutherland Stream catchment. Caps were approximately 12-15cm diameter.


Location: Latitude: -41.550041 Longitude: 173.965897"

Image Date: 1/4/2019

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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