Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) is a toxic mushroom containing a hallucinogenic substance, muscimol. This example is in Pollard Park.

Byssomerulius psittacinus

Byssomerulius psittacinus is a polyphore fungus endemic to New Zealand, associated with beech forests.

Calvatia craniiformis

Calvatia craniiformis (Brain puffball) is a puffball with a diameter of about 15-20cm.

Coprinopsis lagopus

Coprinopsis lagopus (hare's foot inkcap) mushroom identified in Witherlea, Blenheim

Coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus or shaggy inkcap is a common edible fungus.

Cortinarius porphyroideus

Cortinarius porphyroideus is an endemic pouch fungus associated with beech forests. This example was found in the upper Wairau area.

Favolaschia calocera

An introduced saprotrophic pore fungus found on decaying wood.

Gymnopilus junonius

Gymnopilus junonius is a large, orange mushroom typically found on tree trunks and stumps. This example is at Taylor Dam, Blenheim

Pholiota aurivella

Pholiota aurivella is a species of fungi found particularly in NZ native forests.

Stereum ostrea

Stereum ostrea is a native, but non-endemic plant pathogen that grows on tree bark and decaying wood. This example is from Pine Valley

Leratiomyces erythrocephalus

A fungus in the Strophariaceae family, endemic to New Zealand

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