Gobiomorphus (Bullies)

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Bully in Omaka River
Bully in Omaka River
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Gobiomorphus is a genus of small freshwater fish native to New Zealand. Commonly known as bullies, seven species are found in NZ including one unique to Marlborough. Common bullies (Gobiomorphus cotidianus) are found in rivers and streams throughout New Zealand, where they can be found in the shallows. Upland bullies (Gobiomorphus breviceps) are also widespread, and sometimes distinguishing the species can be difficult.

Tarndale Bullies (Gobiomorphus alpinus) are unique to Marlborough, and found only in the Tarndale lakes in the Molesworth conservation area.

This example was observed in the Omaka River near Tyntesfield Road.

Image Date: 2/2/2019

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

Location: Latitude: -41.568916 Longitude: 173.770538

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