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Silvereyes or tauhou  (Zosterops lateralis) are one of New Zealand's commonest and most widespread birds, self-introducing from Australia in the mid 19th Century. These small, omnivorous birds will eat anything from small insects to fruit, and frequently travel in large flocks. They can be a major agricultural pest, especially in Marlborough with its extensive vineyards, as flocks can quickly wreak havoc on fruit crops, however they also help eliminate a variety of pest insect species.

Silvereyes, are easily identifiable by the white ring around their eyes, and the green plumage on their upper side with grey and brown undersides.

The example pictured was observed in Blenheim

Location: Latitude: -41.536835 Longitude: 173.961380

Image Date: 1/7/2013

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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