Bellbirds (korimako) Anthornis melanura are a smallish, mainly nectar eating bird endemic to New Zealand, with a distinctive melodic call which gives them their name. Bellbirds are found throughout New Zealand, but particularly in areas of native forest forest and scrub. They feed on the nectar of flax and kowhai as well as introduced garden plants and trees, with eucalyptus flowers providing a particularly good source of nectar, but they will also eat insects and fruit when nectar is not available. 

Bellbirds can be found throughout Marlborough, and may sometimes even been seen or at least heard in urban gardens. Their olive green colour can make them sometimes hard to see amongst vegetation. Compared to similar coloured silver-eyes/waxeyes, bellbirds are larger, and tend to be seen alone rather than in large flocks. 

The example pictured was observed in the Taylor Pass area.

Location: Latitude: -41.646473 Longitude: 173.969147"

Image Date: 28/6/2015

Photographer: Christopher Cookson

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