The First Hundred - Preface

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The history of Blenheim is a tale of battle against fire and flood. Time and again the hard-won successes and the efforts of the town fathers have been destroyed. Time and again they have been rebuilt. Today the citizens of Blenheim little realise the problems that confronted past Mayors and Councillors. After 100 years the battle against the elements has been won and Blenheim prepares to celebrate its centenary.
At its February 1968 meeting, the Blenheim Borough Council passed a resolution to form a committee to bring forward a pro¬gramme to celebrate, in a fitting way, this centenary.
The committee decided that a programme of events would be arranged and a historical review printed.
The Marlborough Public Relations Officer, Mr A. Beverley, was asked to undertake the authorship of this review. Mr Beverley, who had never previously undertaken a task of this nature, readily agreed.
A history is a record of events as the historian sees it, so it is inevitable that there will be omissions. The chronological form adopted will provide an invaluable record of the past activities of Blenheim.
It is interspersed with anecdotes, local legend and characterisation, in order to portray the way of life in Blenheim through the years, and the philosophy of its people.
In the years to come the willingness of our citizens to give their services free to the community, as has been the case in the past, will ensure the continuation of our democratic way of life.


Chairman, Centenary Committee.

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