The First Hundred - Foreword

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On looking back over Blenheim's first one hundred years, one wonders how it has become the thriving provincial centre it is today.

Built on a swamp, devastated time and again by floods, its shops and buildings burnt down with monotonous repetition — Blenheim certainly grew up the hard way.

It is 100 years since Mr F. J. Litchfield occupied the Mayoral chair when Council met in Robinson Bros' store for the first time.

Since then there have been many Mayors, many Councillors, who have often fought against heavy odds, apathy and lack of finance.

Flood control was a heart-breaking task; on the other hand, the provision of water seemed at times an insuperable obstacle.

Through the ups and downs of the years the Blenheim Borough Council has been served by many men of vision who have given their time, energy and efforts for the benefit of the citizens.

It has been served by many distinguished officers on its staff and has had many unselfish workers representing Council on other local bodies.

The memory of those men who led Blenheim through the pioneering years fills one with admiration, gratitude, and above all, humility.

I hope this book will be accepted as a tribute to the past leaders of our town.


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