The First Hundred - 1960


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Mayor: Mr E. P. Meachen

Councillors: Messrs C. C. Dix, D. S. Hall, S. P. Harling, L. S. Jellyman, H. E. McKinley, G. E. Marshall, J. G. Walker, G. H. Whimp, S. H. J. Wiblin.


23: Mr Bob O'Sullivan creates a record by stacking 2038 bags of wheat in one day at Redwood Bros' Mill.

The Marlborough Amateur Athletic & Cycling Club holds its first meeting at Athletic Park. Mr R. O. Daines, president. Gary Bartlett, of Blenheim, is selected as a New Zealand repre­sentative cricketer. In the first test against Australia, he took five wickets for 51 runs.

16: The official opening of the Olympic Swimming Pool by the Hon. W. T. Anderton, Minister of Internal Affairs, coincided with the New Zealand swimming championships held in Blen­heim. The pool cost £60,000. Over three years of voluntary work was given by members of the community.

23: Mr George Mitchell retires after 36 years as secretary to the Marlborough Hospital Board. Mr V. C. Fargher appointed.


19: "Expressions," a revival of an earlier Saturday column, makes its re-appearance in The Express, now compiled by "The Beaver".

Over £1700 was collected by the Marlborough Cricket Associa­tion for the widow of Mr Roy McBridie, who was killed by a ball during a match at Horton Park.


There are many new proposals for Marlborough — a cable fac­tory, a wool scouring plant, a site for an observatory, oil ex­ploration.

11:The Department of Health orders the Taylor River water supply to be cut off and the town to use the artesian supply only. The Medical Officer of Health stated that the Taylor River water now showed a level of infection 240 times above the danger level. There was considerable indignation, one councillor deploring the fuss over "a few little bugs". After further tests the river supply was used again in July.

The motor firm of H. R. Dix & Sons, which has served the public for 37 years, is purchased by Terry Motors Ltd (Mr F. W. Terry, managing director).


£435,974 worth of building permits issued for the past year. The Council purchases a new carbonising plant for the Gasworks at a cost of £44,000.

29: £694 is stolen by burglars from Miller's Drapery.

21: Blenheim has an annual gale figure of 2.1; Invercargill 23.4; Wellington 22.4; Alexandra 0. The figure indicates the number of winds of 39 to 46 mph.


Mr Allan Gardiner, of Blenheim, has the first L.P. record made of his accordian band. The record cover featured Riverside Park from a photograph by Nigel Perry.

11: The Baptist Church sponsors the first family Sunday School in Blenheim.

27: Mr G. S. Fuller is convener of a conference of Birthright branches held in Blenheim. An incorporated national body was formed. Dr M. B. Bruce, president of the Marlborough branch.


1: The Nelson-Blenheim Railway Bill becomes law. The pro­posed rail link had many opponents in Marlborough who con­sidered a good road was the first necessity. It also had many strong supporters.

2: Mr R. A. Bothwell prepares a foundation trench for the new Girls' College, McLauchlan Street.

The tender of £46,354 from T. H. Barnes & Co. is accepted for the completion of the Church of the Nativity, Blenheim.

16: A Marlborough Branch of the N.Z. Travel & Holidays As­sociation is formed; it did not continue to function and was re­formed in 1964.


1: Mr R. V. Bythell, president, opens the annual Come to Blenheim Association bazaar in the Town Hall; £4300 was raised.

26: The Mayor, Mr E. P. Meachen, lays the foundation stone of the new Youth Club hall in Park Terrace.

Three men wearing false beards enter the Council Chambers and interrupt proceedings by making a plea for the retention of the Rotunda. They departed after having been received with good humour by councillors. The Council decided in November that this memorial would not be moved.

The Council agrees to a request that the proposed Centennial hall be sited in Pollard Park.


5: Mr J. Lewis, a former master at Marlborough College, states in his thesis for an M.A. degree that the cannon used in the Wairau land negotiation was not the weapon mounted in Blen­heim, but the small cannon at the Guard grave site, Kakapo Bay. He is considered to be incorrect.

17: A Maori community centre is established in Blenheim. Mr H. McDonald, president.


The Boy Scouts and the Youth Club sell 46,000 mystery en­velopes in 14 hours; £4600 was raised.

26: The Hon. T. P. Shand is re-elected Member for Marl­borough.


12: The Hon. T. P. Shand is appointed Minister of Labour, Immigration, Tourist & Health Resorts, Publicity & Information.

Rates produce £88,055; building permits £435,974; population 11,500; valuation, capital £10,131,000, unimproved £2,259,000.

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