The First Hundred - 1957


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Mayor: Mr E. P. Meachen

Councillors: Messrs W. C. Davies, C. C. Dix, F. Faulding, S. P. Harling, T. F. Hegglun, R. W. Kibblewhite, H. E. McKinley, G. E. Marshall, H. A. J. Sowman, L. S. Jellyman.


16: Blenheim tops the Dominion sunshine figure for the ninth successive year (2270 hours). Nelson City councillors who be­wailed their low sunshine figures were advised by Mr O. R. Mar­shall, Blenheim's honorary climatological observer, to shift their recorder to Marlborough.


Mr Charlie Ball has been bell ringer at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Blenheim for 55 years.

19: A public meeting called by the Chamber of Commerce forms a seaside development association with the object of promoting Rarangi and White's Bay.


9: Mr H. R. C. Wild, who was born in Blenheim when his father was a master at Marlborough College (1911-12) is appointed solicitor-general. He later became Sir Richard Wild, Chief Justice.

The price of men's haircuts increased by 6d to 3/- in Blenheim.

The public would "raise hell" if they saw the conditions at the milk treatment station, said a member of the Chamber.


7: The Council grants the R.N.Z.A.F. Station, Woodbourne, the freedom of the Blenheim Borough which allows the station the privilege of marching through the streets of Blenheim with "Colours flying, bayonets fixed, swords drawn, drums beating and bands playing." The Air Force presented the Borough with a replica of the Station badge. Group Captain A. P. Gainsford, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., was commanding officer at the time.

9: The Council hears a deputation on traffic problems. It com­prised Messrs B. F. Tuckerman, A. B. Barratt, W. G. Creswell, C. E. Saunders, W. J. Elvy and J. 1. Buffett. Traffic Officer W. P. Gibson presented points for and against parking meters.


5: At a Blenheim Fire Brigade ceremony, Mr R. C. S. Bush, deputy chief fire officer, presents his father, Mr C. F. Bush, who had served the Brigade for 39 years, with long-service gold bars. Mr G. C. Stephens is appointed chief fire officer.

The Blenheim Young Farmers' Club celebrates its 21st birthday. Mr J. Evans, president.

There are meetings, complaints, newspaper articles and general dissatisfaction regarding inactivity over the delay in ordering the proposed Cook Strait ferry ship.


12: Blenheim is plagued by milk-bar cowboys who roar through town and disturb church services.

The Chamber of Commerce decides to seek legal opinion on how to prevent the Council from installing parking meters in the centre of Blenheim.


11: The Old Folks & Pensioners' Club rooms in High Street are opened by the Mayor, Mr E. P. Meachen. The Association had been in existence for seven years. Mr B. F. White president.

After 60 years of trading, the hardware firm of Miller McKay & Co. Ltd (formerly Litchfield's) next to the Post Office, closes down. The premises were taken over by J. E. Thomas's Ltd.

23: The Express spends £4000 on electronic photo-engraving equipment and begins making its own illustration blocks to pro­vide daily local news pictures.


11: The Great Benyon, a magician of world renown, makes his 14th appearance in Blenheim. He was accompanied by Evelyn Talma, Sean O'Hagen and Ernesto Verrecchia.

The Borough engineer reports that the town plan is nearly com­pleted.


Members of the Marlborough Branch of the New Zealand Welders' Institute make dust-bin trolleys to raise funds to hold the national conference in Blenheim. Mr S. W. Raffills, president.

10: After 50 years of operation, McCallum's flour mill in Grove Road closes down. It was erected by Archibald McCallum in 1902. The building is today occupied by Geo. Martin Ltd.


Mr H. S. Timms, an authority on Maori tools, has a valuable collection of artifacts at his home in Howick Road.


2: Mr T. P. Shand is re-elected Member for Marlborough.

Rates produce £63,643; building permits £306,358; population 9470; valuation, capital £7,602,840, unimproved £1,433,805.

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